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- What is 老张说牙? -


(lao zhang shuo ya​)

This is an innovative dental brand project targeting medical students and professional dentists. In this initiative, we have established a comprehensive system of online and offline professional dental courses. Additionally, we share high-quality dental content on social media every week, covering topics such as dental knowledge sharing, clinic operation experience exchange, dental instrument evaluations, and recommendations of selected professional books.

Within just three months, the account has attracted over 100,000 followers, creating a unique and vibrant dental community. Through continuous content updates and the provision of professional courses, our project aims to provide a platform for interactive learning and professional development in the field of dentistry for both medical students and professional dentists.

- What did I achieve? -

Online Dental Course Sale

  • over 400 daily visitors
  • 200+ orders per day
  • a daily transaction amount exceeding 40,000+ CNY

On-site for Offline Courses

  • 30+ Students per class
  • The course participants provided positive feedback on the brand and expressed gratitude towards the operations team

WeChat Channel Live Streaming Data

  • 300+ watched
  • 15K+ liked
  • 300+ gifts

TikTok Content Data

( with a minimum of 10K basic views for each video )

Video Content includes:

  • Dental Knowledge Sharing
  • Clinic Operation Experience Exchange
  • Dental Equipment Evaluations And Recommendations
  • Professional Books Sharing

Code by

Zhuoya Zhang